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Sandfly Variety Store: October 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sandfly Variety Store - Another Happy Customer

A few days ago I had the opportunity to stop by the new Sandfly Variety Store recommended by (I think) Socks and Sandals. It's where J. C. Clements Furniture Store used to be.

Now, understand, I am not a shopper by nature. In point of fact, I despise shopping for anything but food or plundering in a junk store (usually euphemistically called an "Antiques Emporium or Mall"). In short, the GDP is not going to rise or fall on my purchases.

But I hate Walmart (or Wal-NOT as I like to call it) so I was intrigued by the idea that someone of an entrepreneurial nature would go head to head with the Great American Satan, especially right around the corner.

So I stopped by and checked it out. About twenty minutes later I had examined everything that I might find of interest. I skipped the toy section and the bridal shower section but I hit every other department and emerged with the following: two net bags of black river rocks for a ceramic planter; a ceramic leaf shaped incense burner that because of it's design would capture the full length ash; and a combination nail brush that also, when turned over, could scrape the dead skin off the soles of your feet or clean the ring from around your toilet...or both. Total cost: under $5.50.

They were glad to see me, checked me out quickly, hoped I would come back, and were genuinely nice people. They seemed to know everyone in the neighborhood who wandered in and went out of their way to help.

I'll be back. I have already seen my sister and brother-in-laws Christmas present - inexpensive kitchen towels that will set me back less than $5.00 and a fitting addition to the little ceramic hors d'oeuvre plates (4) I found for $3.00 at the Humane Society Thrift Store last year.

You should go!

- Avalon

Savannah Morning News Blogger

Sandfly Variety Store - Come See What the Buzz is all About

Sandfly Variety Store - Snack Specials

Sandfly Variety Store: Enter to Win $25 Shopping Spree

Click Image to go to full page and simply print, fill out and drop off at Sandfly Variety Store, 5811 Ferguson Avenue. In the old J.C. Clements Furniture Building.

Sandfly Variety Store - Satisfied Customer

For those of my readers from the Savannah area. A new store has opened in Sandfly off of Ferguson Avenue where the old furniture store is currently being divided up into little store front shops. Sandfly Variety Store. Go there. Seriously, 'ya gotta go, it has everything.

From those hard to find items, craft supplies, baby items, home decorating, cards, gifts, housewares, cosmetics and seasonal things not found anywhere else. Classier and with a much more personal touch of friendliness than a Family Dollar yet just as inexpensive with better made products and service. Great service might I add. I can't even remember the last time I went into a store and was treated like a queen.

With all of my business and travels concentrated down on this end of town, this is exactly what it needed. No more scavenger hunting through a big, cold Supercenter for affordable gifts, gift wraps or kitchen tea towels. No more battling Mall parking lots to go to a Dollar Store for less quality stuff.

It's as if someone just slapped down the perfect Lillion Vernon Catalog store in my path. It's refreshing, it's needed and I'm sooooooo exited - I had to share.

Go there, seriously. Sandfly Variety Store. You'll fall in love with it. I promise.

- Margaret

Savannah Blogger